Product development for small and medium-sized businesses

Product development can be confusing, and mistakes can be costly. For many small and medium-sized businesses the risks are too big to think about tackling the challenges alone. 

However, finding a partner who can produce viable results that meet your business needs isn’t always easy. If they aren’t flexible, you could spend too much money. If they don’t have the right experience and expertise, you might not achieve the right results.

We speak your language

That’s why the Develop Your Tech (DYT) team takes time to speak your language and to understand your needs.

You won’t hear any technical jargon from us, and we will guide you step-by-step through the
process of developing your product and beyond. 

At DYT we are all about finding business solutions and partnership models to meet your needs.  
We will work with you to realise your innovative ideas and meet your business requirements.

We can be a full-time partner, or you can tap into our expertise when you need us.

The choice is yours. 

Let’s develop your tech together

... a start-up business needing technical help?

Are you trying to get your idea onto the launchpad? Do you need a technical partner to provide the rocket fuel for your innovation development?

Let us help you with...

  1. guided development
  2. ideation
  3. research and development
  4. minimum viable product
  5. prototyping
  6. multidisciplinary product development - electronics, software and product design
  7. assisted access to manufacturing

… an established business that wants to innovate?

Do you want to use technology innovation in your business to give you the competitive edge or to improve productivity?

Let us develop your tech...

  • technology problem solving
  • advisory service
  • product design
  • bespoke software solutions
  • app development
  • project management
  • technical support

…a growing business that needs to bridge a skill gap?

Does your business need to bridge a skill gap or replace lost in-house skills? Are you venturing into new territory outside of your organisation’s skill set?

We can help with...

Tell us about your ideas