A technical partner delivering unique solutions

At Develop Your Tech (DYT)we work as your technical partner and advisor to realise your ideas and overcome your challenges. 

Together we will assess the full scope of your requirements and what you want to achieve.

Unlike many solution partners, DYT isn’t affiliated to specific consultancies, manufacturers or suppliers. The recommendations you receive will be tailored to your objectives, based on the breadth of our experience and our technical skills.

Our focus is on practical outcomes, so we can provide introductions to manufacturers to make sure you have an end-to-end business solution.


Many successful businesses use co-creation as part of their innovation process. In a world of instant feedback and real-time data it can be challenging to stay ahead of the curve. If your idea is not yet fully developed or you need help to move on to the next stage, the DYT team can help.

By sharing skills, resources and expertise in an effective collaboration, a dynamic approach to innovation can be achieved.

Technical support

You will need realistic and flexible support to achieve your goals, so we are happy to contribute in the way that best suits your needs. 

DYT can give you as a much (or as little)help as you need, whether you are looking for professional advice or you want a
partner who will take over full specification and delivery.


Depending on your idea and your business requirements, product or software licensing options could work for you.

This approach might help you to access a new market, speed up development times, or reduce your costs.

Retained services

Technology doesn’t stand still, so having someone on hand who understands exactly what you’re doing can be reassuring. 

When you need to keep moving forward, going straight to an informed and experienced technical partner can help you to maintain your competitive advantage. 

The top priority for the DYT team is your success, so we’re happy to work with you on a retained services basis.

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